Dress Code



Dress code also applies to juniors and seniors when they are in Driscoll Center

Toledo Early College has adopted the following changes to the dress code for the school year 2022-2023. All students will comply with the dress code, beginning with the first day of school.

Parents and students are equally responsible for the appearance of the student. 

The purpose, which aligns with Toledo Public Schools’ purpose is:

  • To enhance school security
  • To support the learning environment
  • To promote good behavior
  • To avoid discipline problems
  • To prepare students for the world of work.


Clothing/grooming may not disrupt the learning environment.

The following items are NOT appropriate for school and are NOT allowed at Toledo Early College:


  • Shirts or dresses without sleeves (spaghetti straps, halter tops, tube tops, tank tops, off the shoulder)Shirts which expose cleavage, back or abdomen
  • Clothing that exposes undergarments of any kind (bras, camisole straps, undershirt straps, boxers, slips etc.)
  • Tops and bottoms that do not overlap while standing or seated (i.e. no midriffs).



  • Holes/tears in jeans are not permitted, unless the holes are below the knee  
  • Yoga pants and pajama bottoms, including pants made of flannel or fleece
  • Shorts, skirts or dresses that are not just above the knee
  • Fishnet stockings/tights
  • Basketball shorts
  • Leggings and/or jeggings that are not worn with a shirt, skirt or dress long enough to completely cover the front and back



  • Flip flops
  • Beach shoes
  • Slides
  • Sandals without back straps



  • Hats/coats/outerwear/gloves etc. must be removed on entering the building
  • Clothing/grooming that does not reflect good personal hygieneStudents are not allowed to wear clothing/grooming with violent language, or speech or symbols of hate or oppression, violent images or pornography, profanity, or anything that depicts or promotes drug or alcohol use; reference to gang membership or present a hazard to an individual or other people.



A. Hooded sweatshirts are permitted as long as hoods are not worn or does not cover the head. 

B. Footwear must be worn at all times. For safety considerations, all footwear must be adequately secured to the foot with heels no higher than two inches. 

C. Shoes that expose the feet or toes are not allowed in science classes. Slippers, shoes with retractable skates, cleats or footwear with flexible, soft soles (flip flops, beach shoes, slides etc.) are not permitted. Crocs are permitted only if there is a strap that is worn on the heels to secure the foot.

D. Hair curlers/rollers/bonnets/hair picks/head wraps are not permitted except for medical reasons. Sunglasses are not to be worn inside schools/buildings except when prescribed.

E. Tight or form-fitting clothing is not permitted.

F. Thigh high stockings/socks/tights are not a substitute for clothing being just above the knee.

G. All students must comply with the District’s policies and procedures in place regarding wearing facial coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. (When applicable)


• These guidelines are to be followed on all days when school is in session and for school sponsored events where students are actively participating and/or representing Toledo Public Schools.

 • The school administration shall determine the appropriateness of student dress and grooming, acting in the best interests of establishing and maintaining a safe and effective learning environment for the benefit of the school. 

Students who do not comply with the dress code are subject to progressive disciplinary action.

The dress code policy also pertains to juniors and seniors while they are on the campus of Toledo Early College.